Me’Chele D. Frierson, MSSA, LISW-S

I am a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio where I obtained my Bachelors of Social Work from Cleveland State University and earned a Masters of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve’s MSASS program. I am extremely passionate about supporting individuals understand their thoughts and feelings, separate mood challenges from natural responses, and normalize what is truly means feel and emote. My clinical experience includes work with anxiety, depression, complex trauma/PTSD, grief and loss, infidelity and divorce, child sexual abuse and assault, work related stress, and life transitions.

While working with clients, I employ various psychotherapy models and methods including but not limited to:

Supportive Psychotherapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Narrative Therapy
Personal Skills Development
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Crisis Intervention

My role as a therapist is simply to empower and assist you with identifying specific problem areas and formulate goals around those areas. I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to listen, as a support and guide. We are a team!

I charge myself with using the same self-care principles that I encourage in clients. My belief is that one’s mental/emotional health and ability to become self-aware are the key essentials to living a more realistic and healthy life. I am honored and excited to walk on this journey of healing with you!

17 thoughts on “Me’Chele”

    1. I had never had therapy sessions before, but knew going in, that I needed someone who would understand my past experiences to help me move forward in my current state. Me’Chele met me where I was at, understood where I was coming from, and has really helped me reshape my thinking. I look forward to my sessions with her as I know I’m going to walk away with what I need to thrive in my personal and work relationships. I love how down to earth and relatable she is, and how comfortable she make me feel during our sessions. She has been a God send to me during this past year.


  1. Me’Chele is an extraordinary therapist! She has helped me through the toughest years of my life. I am a much stronger person because of her. She is very professional and really cares about people. I would recommend her to anyone.


  2. I’ve enjoyed working with Me’Chele this past year. She is very insightful. I leave every session feeling understood and grateful to have her as a therapist.


  3. Me’Chele has been such a huge blessing in my life throughout my tough times. She has made me feel comfortable since the first session. I love how down to earth she is. She’s always there to help with the best tools and solutions. I thank God for Me’Chele being my therapist every day.


  4. Me’Chele is kind, but brutally honest. You may not like everything that is said, but believe me it’s with love and reason. I am really thankful for her and her knowledge of mental health. I would’ve probably been in a darker head space if I wasn’t able to have her as a mental health professional. There’s moments when I may disagree with some things she says or be like “why” , but I am truly grateful to have her in my life. Thank you Me’Chele for everything.


  5. Me’Chele is kind and makes you feel comfortable and creates a safe environment so you can be yourself. She’s blunt but honest. Great listener, I believe she was born with a special gift. Been to others but she was the best fit for me. So helpful….


  6. Me’Chele has been my therapist since I was a teenager. She’s helped me grow, helped me grow better insight. She helps me realize when I’ve gone too far, if I’m too hard on myself, and allows me to see in my own light. Me’Chele is beyond understanding, you’d never feel any judgement. Therapy with her doesn’t even feel like therapy. It feels like I’m talking to an old friend and catching them up or that’ll call me out with love when needed. Thank you.


  7. I met Me’Chele at an event a few years back, and was drawn to her calm spirit. My daughter went through a few unfortunate situations, and knowing Me’Chele had a background in therapy with youth I decided to bring my daughter to her. My daughter enjoys her therapy sessions and looks forward to talking to her. She gives me insight and tools on how to help my daughter with coping without making anyone feel judged. I would recommend anyone to her, she has been an awesome resource to us.


  8. I love Me’Chele!! She’s saved my life countless of times. It’s a no judgment zone. She will NOT BULLS***YOU! She’ll tell you everything you don’t want to hear and that’s why I respect her so much. The challenges she’s helped me overcome this year has been a blessing and I wouldn’t been able to do it without her. Thank you!! -KG


  9. Me’Chele is THE BEST therapist! She has helped me so much in my journey of trying to heal and grow to be my best self!!! She’s such a loving person and gives me the best safe space, but also keeps it so honest with me that I have no choice but to hold myself accountable! I’m truly grateful for her and I recommend her to everyone all the time!!


  10. Me’Chele is like your Bestfriend , but way better! She’s gentle, safe and great to talk to. She gives you the real and help you open your eyes to the reality of things in such a smooth way. It feels good to be able to talk to someone who you can actually relate to. It’s comforting , especially for those who have a hard time opening up like myself. She’s great. She’s amazing. I love her! I highly recommend.


  11. She’s a really good listener and I just feel really comfortable with her and I think she’s the best and I really recommend.


  12. Me’Chele is amazing at what she does. She is a good listener and does not just cut you off. Having a great therapist is a must and I know hands down she is awesome. Thank you for all you do.


  13. Me’Chele is a phenomenal therapist! I became her client a year ago & can honestly say seeking mental health was the best thing I’ve done for myself ever. She made it easy to speak with her during the initial conversation. That’s when I knew I’d found my therapist.
    Me’Chele is very intelligent, honest, down to earth, supportive, a great listener & has a great sense of humor. I’ve recommended her to others.


  14. I’ve been working with Me’Chele for over two years now and I’ve grown so much because of her. She’s provided me with tools that have allowed me to make great strides within myself, my marriage, my professional life, and all of my other relationships. Choosing to go to therapy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and having Me’Chele as my therapist has made this experience a million times better. She is warm, welcoming, patient, and honest. She’s also an amazing listener and guide. You can tell that she takes her craft serious. I highly recommend!

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  15. Me’Chele is a phenomenal therapist. Her approach to every session is one of professionalism, class, & understanding. She gives a listening ear, lends her clinical knowledge to every situation with an honest and sincere response to the situation being discussed. She comes from a place of understanding; makes sure that her clientele leaves with the appropriate & applicable coping skills with each session. I would definitely recommend her to others.


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